At Márquez Law, we value the attorney client relationship above any other.

The foundation for the most successful relationships is mutual respect and trust. With respect, the attorney will be able to provide emotional support and encouragement during one of the lowest times in a client’s life. With trust, the attorney will be able to manage a client’s expectations and achieve often the most difficult goals. We do more than make promises, which most assuredly will always lead to disappointment. Instead, we educate and inform clients about the complex nature of high conflict litigation so they are able to make informed decisions that lead to results that are as aligned with their goals as possible.

Empathy means we take on the most difficult cases and challenges, even when they seem hopeless. While no attorney can guarantee any outcome, we are confident that you will be prepared and comprehend nearly any result. We listen, provide regular feedback and adapt to most bumps in the road so that the best outcome under the circumstances of any particular case is within reach. 


Clients often believe that whoever spends the most will achieve the most. While it is important to be thorough and exhaust all legal theories to obtain the most goals, we focus on the client’s resources and strengths to pursue the best strategies to obtain the most important goals. We want to help more people efficiently rather than over litigate cases, which really only benefits the attorney. It is not easy to perform a cost-benefit analysis on every issue in a complex case, especially when they involve children. However, we will not pursue an agenda that will benefit the firm more than the client. For example, if the parties in a case are $10,000 apart, we will insist on an outcome that leaves more of the resources between the parties than the attorneys whenever possible. 

Mr. Márquez is a uniquely skilled Colorado family law attorney, bringing over 20 years of accounting background to his practice. Coloradans with cases that include complex financials, assets and businesses benefit from this experience because he can understand your needs more quickly and develop a strategy that is in your best interests. 


Efficiency is also a part of our every day lives. We are paperless and employ many tools to help us deliver the best services without wasting unnecessary resources and time. As a result, we are able to achieve the same or better results others might achieve but at a lower cost. 


We are committed to providing solutions that are accessible to any client.


Denver Family Law Attorneys

There are few legal concerns more emotionally charged than family law cases, where couples are separating lives, assets, and children.  Even in cases of relatively amicable divorce, spouses may need the help of expert divorce and custody law attorneys to come to a fair and equitable agreement concerning division of assets and child custody.  In some cases, amicable proceedings are not possible, and this can lead to a contentious and protracted legal battle that drains resources and impacts your future.


The caring and experienced Denver divorce attorneys at Marquez Law can help you through this difficult and emotional process, ensuring your interests are protected and seeing to it that you receive the expedient and favorable outcome you prefer.  Divorce and child custody can be challenging.  You need qualified custody and divorce lawyers to guide you through the process.

When Should I Seek Denver Divorce Lawyers?

Over the last several decades, the rate of marriages ending in divorce has increased dramatically, and the unfortunate truth is that divorce is a difficult undertaking, whether both parties agree that it’s necessary or the split is incredibly contentious.  Not only do divorcing couples have to contend with the legal challenges associated with splitting up a household, including assets and sometimes children, but there is a strong emotional component to ending a once-loving relationship, further complicating an already harrowing process.

Many couples think they can complete a divorce without the help of qualified Denver divorce attorneys, but there are many reasons why it’s better to have a professional on your side, helping you navigate tricky legal waters, and acting in your best interest.  At Márquez Law, we have the experienced and compassionate Denver family law attorneys to get you through the divorce process, whether you need mediation for a relatively simple and amicable split, you’re facing a complex and contentious legal battle, or shared children require you to consider custody and child support arrangements.


At the very least, you should seek guidance from seasoned divorce law attorneys who can help you understand how the divorce process works and what you need to do to make sure you comply with legal requirements.  Even in an amicable divorce, you need to file appropriate paperwork, pay associated fees, and meet deadlines.  There’s no need to learn this all on your own when a qualified attorney can give you the information you need, and even manage the process for you.


If your divorce is contentious or you suspect your spouse will try to cheat in some way (hiding assets or coercing you), there’s even more reason to work with Denver divorce lawyers who have the resources to discover hidden assets, and who can act as an intermediary between you and your spouse.  The talented legal team at Márquez Law has the expertise to sift through your finances, determine what is marital property and what is separate, and ensure that the division of assets is fair.


Of course, if there are shared children involved, you’ll definitely want Denver custody law attorneys on your side.  You might not care about who gets the furniture or even the house, but when it comes to securing parenting time with children, emotions can run high and things can quickly turn ugly.  Experienced Denver custody lawyers like the professionals at Márquez Law can help you understand what to expect, based on your particular case, and fight for your rights to retain some measure of parental responsibility, as well as secure needed child support payments.


The benefits don’t end there, though.  If you suffer any difficulties in the aftermath of the divorce, such as dividing property as ordered or receiving spousal or child support payments, the Denver family law attorneys at Márquez Law continue to provide needed legal support as you seek enforcement of the divorce agreement.  Having qualified lawyers on your side is the best way to pursue positive legal outcomes, but you’ll also gain priceless peace of mind in the process.

Divorce Law Attorneys

While amicable divorce could be resolved within just a few short months of filing in Colorado, even seemingly simple cases can get mired in complicated legal processes.  The qualified Denver divorce law lawyers at Marquez Law can speed the process with mediation services or assist with contentious and complex legal battles involving significant assets.


Our team is staffed by Denver divorce law attorneys that have the expertise to provide you with sound legal strategy and a roadmap to resolution.  When you’re suffering the trauma of divorce, the last thing you need is to get derailed by heightened emotions.  Our highly qualified Denver divorce lawyers will guide you through the process with expedience and work hard to ensure the best possible outcome.


At Marquez Law, our goal is to help you resolve your divorce and custody issues so you can resume your life and move into a brighter future, rather than languishing in legal limbo.  Whether you and your spouse are seeking amicable divorce or you can’t agree on any part of the separation process, the experienced and compassionate family law professionals at Marquez Law can help you to reach your goals and start your new life.

Custody Lawyers

Divorce becomes even more complex when children are involved.  It’s only natural for both parents to seek as much parenting time with their children as possible, which is why it’s so important to work with experienced Denver custody law attorneys that can help to protect your interests and the interests of your children.


Custody proceedings involve parenting time, decision-making responsibilities on behalf of minor children, and child support.  These proceedings can be understandably fraught with conflict, and often, children are caught in the crosshairs.  You want the very best for your children, and that includes a speedy resolution that puts their interests first.  The qualified Denver custody lawyers at Marquez Law can help you to achieve all of your goals where child custody is concerned.


In many cases, children are best served by having relationships with both parents, including equal parenting time.  However, this is not always the case, and the courts may have to decide on which parent will provide the best care and the most stable, loving, and supportive home environment.


The Denver custody law lawyers at Marquez Law will help you to create the best legal strategy to ensure favorable custody proceedings and protect the interests of you and your children.  With the right Denver custody attorneys on your side, you have the best opportunity to receive the parenting time, decision-making power, and child support you seek.

When Should I Seek Denver Custody Law Attorneys?

Any time there are shared children involved in the divorce process, it’s wise to consult with qualified Denver custody attorneys.  Is it possible for parents to come to a suitable agreement regarding parental time with children on their own?  Of course, but when parents start to consider not only the time they’ll have with children, but the time they won’t have, it’s natural for emotions to get the better of them, and this can lead to uncertainty, fear, and fighting.

The seasoned Denver custody law lawyers at Márquez Law not only have the expertise to help you through this difficult aspect of the divorce process, but we understand the emotional toll of planning for parenting time, and we take care to handle the process with the delicacy it demands.  We will absolutely put all of our efforts into representing your position, but we also try to make this potentially painful undertaking as fast, easy, and stress-free as possible, for your sake and the sake of your children.  It starts with understanding how custody arrangements are determined.


In the state of Colorado, custody is referred to as “parental responsibility”, and there are two main types: primary and joint.  Joint parental responsibility means that each parent shares equally in overnight visits with children.  In order for one parent to maintain primary parental responsibility, the other parent must have fewer than 90 overnight visits per year.


As in many states, Colorado observes a differentiation between the physical and legal (or decision-making) properties of childrearing.  Regardless of whether one parent has primary parental responsibility or your share joint parental responsibility, you and your spouse may share joint decision-making responsibility, or one parent may have sole responsibility for making important decisions about children’s upbringing.  This could include medical, academic, religious, and extracurricular decisions, for example.


Parental and decision-making responsibilities are typically determined as part of the divorce decree, as is child support.  While parental responsibility is certainly a factor in the determination of child support, it is also based on other factors, like gross monthly income, expenses, the needs of children, and so on.


Parents are encouraged to come to an agreement regarding parental and decision-making responsibilities, but if they cannot agree, the court will determine a schedule deemed to be in the best interests of children.  Determining the best interests of children could include examination of the following factors:


  • Wishes of parents

  • Ability of each parent to place a child’s needs before their own

  • A child’s relationship to parents, siblings, and/or other family members

  • A child’s adjustment to the current home, school, and/or community

  • Mental and physical health of each parent

  • Ability of each parent to encourage love, affection, and contact between children and the other parent

  • Any special needs of children and how parents address those needs

  • Physical proximity of parties (in regard to practical considerations of parenting time)

  • Any pattern of domestic violence in the home

  • Any evidence of parental abuse (alcohol, drugs, child, or sexual)

  • Any other relevant factors


In some cases, the wishes of the children may be a factor.  There is no set age limit on this consideration.  Instead, a judge will assess whether or not children are mature enough to express independent opinions on the matter before deciding whether to consider their preference.  Typically, Colorado courts prefer joint arrangements that allow children to continue enjoying relationships with both parents, assuming this is in their best interests.


Creating a parenting plan can be difficult, but it’s made easier with the assistance of Denver custody law attorneys like the experienced professionals at Márquez Law.  There’s nothing more important than ensuring the happiness and well-being of your children, and our highly qualified Denver custody lawyers work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your children.

Mediation with Expert Denver Family Law Attorneys

Many divorcing couples are hesitant to involve Denver divorce attorneys, perhaps because they think they can manage on their own, or often because they’re worried about the expense.  However, going it alone can lead to rising tensions and mistakes that prolong the process and result in a court battle that you’d probably rather avoid. Additionally, missteps made along the way during a divorce can end up being more costly to fix should you choose to retain an attorney later in the process.

The good news is, Márquez Law can offer a team of divorce law attorneys to help you with the mediation process.  that does this mean?  Mediation is a process whereby both parties and their lawyers meet with an impartial third party, or mediator, to negotiate a divorce agreement before attending a hearing in court to finalize the divorce.


Often, this process helps couples to deescalate disagreements and avoid costly and protracted legal battles.  In the state of Colorado, nearly every county requires spouses to go through mediation before a court hearing, in an effort to avoid a trial.  The job of the mediator is to encourage negotiation and explain what will happen if the parties involved cannot reach an agreement.


During the mediation process, it’s a good idea to find Denver divorce lawyers that can guide you through the process and advise you on how to proceed for the best possible outcome.  If children are involved and you must determine parental responsibilities, you’ll want experienced Denver custody attorneys, specifically.


The many benefits of mediation with a qualified attorney cannot be overstated.  For one thing, it allows spouses a private means of discussing their separation, with the aid of a neutral third party to create a calm and productive environment for negotiations.


If spouses can remain amicable throughout, the process of divorce is made that much easier, emotionally, for adults and any children involved.  It’s always preferable for spouses to come to mutual agreement where division of assets and parenting time are concerned, rather than letting courts decide.


In addition, committing to mediation can help to avoid costly and emotionally draining court battles.  With the help of suitable Denver custody law lawyers, you and your spouse have the best opportunity to ensure positive outcomes for everyone involved.  The qualified and compassionate family law attorneys at Márquez Law are available to help you through mediation and anything else that comes up during your divorce.


While knowledge and experience are important attributes that any lawyer should possess, they alone will not assure the best possible outcome in any case.

Practice Areas

While our attorneys possess knowledge and experience, we believe the most success is achieved through organization and preparation. These are extremely important aspects in high conflict cases where tensions are high and the facts are complex. While our attorneys have reputations for being aggressive, it is not because we are prone to pound on our chests. It is because we are not afraid to advocate for our clients and hold opposing parties and attorneys accountable. And this is best accomplished by exploring strategic and effective solutions for the most straightforward and the most complex of cases. 


Family law and criminal cases are frequently filled with conflict and numerous moving parts. A good lawyer will manage the conflict without much damage. A great lawyer will rise above the conflict. We don’t want our clients to have just adequate representation. We want them to have a partner and an advocate so that even when a client does not achieve all of their goals, they will be more than satisfied with the efforts made on their behalf.


At the end of the day, we do not only want to achieve the best outcomes in our cases; we want to leave the biggest impact on our clients. This may include helping our clients overcome a substance abuse issue and not just staying sober during a custody or criminal case. It may include restoring a client’s confidence in themselves and in their future once the litigation is over. Regardless, we want our clients to leave us in a better place than they thought imaginable. Only then have we done our job. 

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